Episode 125: Anime Awards Special 2022

The hosts discuss the nominees, winners and snubs of the Anime Awards 2022.

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Anime Awards:

Best VA Performance (2:32)

Best Film (16:08)

Best Comedy (22:57)

Best Fantasy (31:52)

Best Action (40:50)

Best Drama (51:02)

Best Romance (1:01:07)

Best Fight Scene (1:08:27)

Best Antagonist (1:19:56)

Best Protagonist (1:31:51)

Best Character Design (1:43:12)

Best Director (1:47:27)

Best Score (1:58:35)

Best Girl (2:07:47)

Best Boy (2:13:15)

Best Ending Sequence (2:21:04)

Best Opening Sequence (2:24:46)

Best Animation (2:36:26) Anime of the Year (2:45:30)

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