Episode 66: Weird Eastern Tales

John and CC grab their warmest jackets and march into the icy cold wasteland of Anime Premieres from this winter season in the Sneak Peek. After that they gush about the second outing of Golden Kamuy and marvel at how this wacky little show seems to juggle all its many crazy characters, engaging plot threads and different tones with playful ease.

Mp3 Download

Sneak Peek: (1:30)

W’z (2:26)

The Price of Smiles (4:31)

Kemurikusa (8:40)

The Magnificent Kotobuki (9:53)

Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastrale (12:50)

Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka (16:07)

Girly Air Force (19:06)

Boogiepop and Others (22:06)

Grimms Notes the Animation (24:20)

My Roommate is a Cat (27:43)

The Rising of the Shield Hero (30:14)

Dororo (34:10)

The Promised Neverland (38:37)

Date A Live III (41:56)

Mob Psycho 100 II (45:59)


Golden Kamuy – Season 2 (52:51)

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Episode 65: …And Jackets for All

As 2019 begins, another season for the Anime Brain Freeze team ends. So John and CC steal the new year’s thunder by delivering their final Review from Summer Season 2018 with the 5th installment of the modern day gentleman thief Lupin the Third. They also talk about the shows that didn’t quite make the cut in the Chop ‘n’ Drop and pick their personal winners for best show of the season.

Mp3 Download

Chop ‘n’ Drop (1:20)


Lupin the Third – Part 5 (15:39)

Best of the Season (59:06)

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