Episode 64: Mechtacular

The gang says goodbye to 2018 with a double dose of rowdy robot rumbles. John kicks off the show by talking about the third iteration in the Gundam Build franchise, Gundam Build Divers. And details the highs and lows of this different spin on one of the most iconic mechs out there. After that CC joins the quirky cast of Planet With in their interstellar war and gushes about the many well written characters, story developments, surprises, themes and layers of this interesting little sci-fi action show.

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Gundam Build Divers (1:30)

Planet With (30:24)

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Episode 63: Shitbags like You and Me

In an episode filled with bad people, CC gets things going by tackling the third season of Overlord and explains why the interesting approach of making the villain of the series the main character didn’t work out as well this time as it did in the previous seasons. After that the hosts unleash their combined game brains and talk about the many ludicrous adventures the main protagonist of Chio’s School Road experiences on the daily way to her temple of education.

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Overlord – Season 3 (1:30)

Chio’s School Road (29:15)

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