Episode 42: Top Gear

Strap in and prepare for an epic ride, kids. In their longest show to date, John and CC take it upon themselves to review all currently existing seasons of the Magical Girl Action Hit Senki Zesshou Symphogear. After dishing out an introduction to the show’s plot setup, universe and main characters, they go through all four seasons to give you their spoiler-free and spoiler-heavy opinions on each of them. Lastly, both hosts discuss their favorite main cast member, piece of armor, villain and song from the entirety of the franchise.

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Symphogear – No Spoilers (1:41)

Symphogear – Spoilers (46:13)

Symphogear G – No Spoilers (1:01:13)

Symphogear G – Spoilers (1:14:06)

Symphogear GX – No Spoilers (1:29:29)

Symphogear GX – Spoilers (1:43:10)

Symphogear AXZ – No Spoilers (2:02:42)

Symphogear AXZ – Spoilers (2:22:22)

Best Girl (2:31:56)

Best Gear (2:38:10)

Best Villain (2:42:27)

Best Song (2:47:10)

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Episode 41: Mysteries & Misunderstandings

On this episode CC digs into the Trash Stash once again, to talk about Vatican Miracle Examiner and explains why the show succeeds at being so bad that it’s good. Then John introduces the motley crew of Gamers and the gang discusses why the goofy rom-com ultimately didn’t live up to its potential.

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Trash Stash

Vatican Miracle Examiner (1:09)


Gamers (18:04)

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