Episode 39: Against all Odds

Dialing the episode length back a bit this time around, the hosts deliver Reviews of two somewhat small-scale, but nonetheless outstanding shows. First CC is talking about Made in Abyss and explains why this emotional gut punch of a fantasy tale is worth excavating. Then John wraps up the episode by dishing out his opinion on Sakura Quest and discusses how its many colorful characters bring life not only to the rural countryside of Japan, but also to the show itself.

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Made in Abyss (1:07)

Sakura Quest (26:51)

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Episode 38: Heroes Unstained

The dynamic duo is back to appropriately kick off Fall Season with a supersized episode. First John delivers his Re:Con report of New York Comic Con 2017 and what caught his eye on the show floor. Then the hosts dive head first into the Sneak Peek to bring you there impressions of all the new series premieres they checked out. Last but not least they send of this episode with their Review of the second season of one of their favorite new shows: My Hero Academia.

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Re:Con – NYCC 2017 (1:31)

Sneak Peek:

Food Wars – Season 3 (20:28)

Blend S (23:40)

Dies Irae (26:26)

Two Car (30:16)

Black Clover (35:23)

Love Live! Sunshine! – Season 2 (40:15)

GARO -Vanishing Line- (46:29)

Just Because! (50:55)

Code:Realize -Guardian of Rebirth- (55:19)

Land of the Lustrous (57:48)

Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World- the Animated Series (1:02:32)

Girls’ Last Tour (1:07:44)

Jūni Taisen: Zodiac War (1:09:23)

Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond (1:11:58)

Inuyashiki Last Hero (1:16:53)

The Ancient Magus’ Bride (1:22:29)


My Hero Academia – Season 2 (1:29:30)

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