Episode 105: Hoops and Baskets

The gang shoots the wretched year of 2020 into the sun by loading its rocket with the final two reviews from Summer. First, CC tackles the basketball series Ahiru no Sora, which makes up for lacking production values with potent character development. After that, the hosts return to the cursed household of the Soma family, to discuss the second season of Fruits Basket and gush about its great heart-wrenching drama and stunning plot revelations. And of course, the Chop ‘n’ Drop and Best of the Season are present in this season finale as well.

Mp3 Download

Chop ‘n’ Drop/The Quick and the Dead (1:31)


Ahiru no Sora (9:14)

Fruits Basket [2019] – Season 2 (52:32)

Best of the Season (1:47:47)

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