Episode 43: Re:Visited

John and CC wrap up 2017 by bringing you another whopper of an episode. First they reintroduce an old segment with a new name: Chop ‘n’ Drop. In this former sub section of the Trash Stash the gang talks about all the shows from Summer Season 2017 they stopped watching after a few episodes and why. Then John lifts the curtain on another Mystery Review that makes him re-evaluate his opinion on an old nemesis. Finally it’s time for the final Review of the Season with Re:Creators and the hosts list the many reasons why that shows was one of their favorites this year. Of course there is no way for them to wrap up the show without telling you about their pick for Best of Summer Season 2017.

Mp3 Download

Chop ‘n’ Drop (1:56)

Mystery Review (14:41)


Re:Creators – No Spoilers (57:36)

Re:Creators – Spoilers (1:23:49)

Best of the Season (1:30:33)

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