Episode 34: Nicked Swords

Tortured by allergies, but nevertheless ready to get dangerous, the gang is going for a bit of a low-key episode this time, by discussing two shows that left the hosts underwhelmed for one reason or another. First, CC delivers a rant dripping with disappointment, about the ever evolving dumpster fire that is the second season of the current TV Anime adaption of Kentaro Miura’s Berserk. After that, John wraps up the show by talking about the Danmachi spin-off Sword Oratoria and why its more serious approach to the world and characters set up by its predecessor is kind of a lackluster experience.

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Berserk (TV 2016/2017) – Season 2 (1:33)

Sword Oratoria: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side (30:38)

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