Episode 18: Terrific Trios

On this episode, that for some reason turned out even longer than the last one, 3 seems to be the dominating number. CC kicks things off by pulling the surprisingly enjoyable violence fest Taboo Tattoo out of the garbage pile. After that John increases the level of quality and heartwarming cuteness by reviewing Sweetness & Lightning. Last but definitely not least, both hosts join forces to give you their opinions on the newest entry in the iconic Macross franchise: Macross Delta.

Mp3 Download


Saki Live Action Series (1:19)

School Girl Strikers Anime Series (5:50)

Klonoa Anime Film (9:09)

Gal Gun VR – Why Inti, why? (12:23)

Trash Stash:

Taboo Tattoo (16:35)


Sweetness & Lightning (39:25)

Macross Delta (1:01:21)

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