Episode 57: Kitchen Knights

The gang once again dives headfirst into the world of Shonen Action series and covers two very different representatives of this particular genre. First CC talks about The Seven Deadly Sins and why this colorful mix of the classic shonen battle formula and a medieval setting might not be one of the greats, but delivers a thoroughly enjoyable experience nontheless. Then the hosts return to the kitchen together with Soma and his compatriots in the third season of Food Wars and try to explain how the series manages to surpass itself on a regular basis.

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The Seven Deadly Sins (1:09)

Food Wars! The Third Plate (25:18)

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Episode 56: Battlegrounds

On this episode our hosts stand their ground on three different planes of conflict. First CC travels to the stars, to cover the epic space war story of Legend of the Galactic Heroes – Die neue These. Then John descends on Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku and discusses the trappings of a completely different battlefield: romantic relationships between full-blown nerds. Last but not least, CC celeberates the flawed but definitely welcome return of an old favorite of his: Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory.

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RIP Unshō Ishizuka (1:18)


The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These (4:25)

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku (29:29)

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory (44:49)

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Episode 55: Mixed Bags of Gold

CC kicks off this episode by stepping into the ring with the bionic slugfest Megalobox to explain why he liked that show even though it lacks actual entertaining boxing matches. Then John tears apart Caligula and talks about the many shortcomings of this confusing mess of a video game adaption. Last but not least both hosts dig for gold in Golden Kamuy and unearth a thoroughly enjoyable show that manages to shine despite its janky animation.

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Megalobox (1:30)

Caligula (18:02)

Golden Kamuy (34:09)

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Episode 54: Thug Life

It’s a cruel, cruel summer, so our hosts do their best to battle the unwielding heat wave with a barrage of cool Anime premieres in the Sneak Peek. After that, they dive into the absurd adventures of a Yakuza forced into the role of surrogate father and his telekinetically powered adopted daughter in Hinamatsuri.

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Sneak Peek

Attack on Titan – Season 3 (2:18)

Overlord – Season 3 (3:56)

Free! -Dive to the Future- (4:44)

Cells at Work (7:23)

Music Girls (9:18)

Seven Senses of the Re’Union (12:29)

Island (15:15)

Angels of Death (18:14)

Planet With (21:22)

Chio’s School Road (23:27)

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion (27:14)

Banana Fish (29:32)

Harukana Receive (35:12)

Hanebado! (38:22)

Revue Starlight (42:20)

Sirius the Jaeger (45:45)


Hinamatsuri (49:05)

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Episode 53: Hail to the King

It’s finally time for our Kame-Hame-Hosts to talk about one of the most prominent and longest running franchises in Anime history: Dragon Ball. John and CC have a long chat about their experience with the series, which culminates in their Review of the newest iteration in that franchise: Dragon Ball Super. Of course, as it is the Season Finale of Anime Brain Freeze, there is also the Chop ‘n’ Drop and both hosts pick their favorite reviewed show in the Best of the Season segment.

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Chop ‘n’ Drop (1:20)


Dragon Ball Super (10:49)

Best of the Season (1:37:51)

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Episode 52: Killers, Dolls and Skeletor

It’s time to go back to the fathomless well of light novel adaptions. First John talks about the city filled with killers in Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens. Then CC pushes the Isekai button and reviews the MMO adventures of Skeletor’s cousin in Overlord. Closing out the show, both hosts muse about KyoAni’s visual feast Violet Evergarden and discuss whether the show has more to offer than its good looks.

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Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens (1:20)

Overlord – Season 1+2 (25:15)

Violet Evergarden (53:17)

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Episode 51: A cold Day in Hell

Kicking of this episode filled with big emotions and tonal whiplash, CC first talks about the new Netflix hit show DEVILMAN crybaby and why the gruesome horror tale has more to offer than schlocky action, but is not for the faint of heart. Then John goes to a much happier place, together with the four girls from A Place Further Than the Universe and explains why both the journey and destination of the protagonists managed to tug at his heart strings. Last but not least, the hosts discuss the newest iteration in a Tokusatsu-turned-Anime franchise and whether the sympathetic cast and well animated fight scenes could keep the by-the-numbers story of Garo -Vanishing Line- afloat.

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DEVILMAN crybaby (No Spoilers) (1:12)

DEVILMAN crybaby (Spoilers) (12:11)

A Place Further Than the Universe (20:15)

Garo -Vanishing Line- (37:24)

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